Chess life lesson videos

If Tim Ferriss wrote a chess improvement book, he might name it “The 4-Hour Chess Master” to match his other 4-Hour books that talk about doing a complete full-time job in just four hours a week.

After befriending Josh Waitzkin (the subject of Searching For Bobby Fischer), and making two long-form podcast with him (along with doing it with other experts), he is converting the lessons from the podcasts into his just released book: Tools For Titans.

For Josh Waitzkin chess fans, two recent promotional videos for the book may be of special interest to chess fans for how chess lessons (among other Josh experiences) apply to life. They’re linked here:

The original two podcasts are here:

Real chess game analysis (with Josh narrating) is also available on YouTube, like this first lesson, in a series:

These videos seek to “maximize output by minimizing input”.